V5.104 notes

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SusProg3D - Suspension by Design.
Version 5.104 has a number of enhancements.

Thanks to all of those who made comments and suggestions.

In no particular order.

V5.104A (Build 1367.0)


Added the bellcrank antirollbar for 4-link live axle.
Thanks to Jason for this.


Fixed the "Invalid variant type" and "Range check error" bug in Calc2Excel.
Thanks to Jack and Manuel for this one.


Included both input and calculated wheel alignment and instant centre data in the geometry results.
Thanks to Jack for this one.


Added the driveshaft calculations in roll for deDion axles.
Thanks to Jason for this one.


Corrected the anti-squat calculations for deDion axles.
Thanks to Jason for this one.

Your feedback and suggestions are always appreciated.