V5.110 notes

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SusProg3D - Suspension by Design.
Version 5.110 has a number of enhancements.

Thanks to all of those who made comments and suggestions.

In no particular order.

V5.110A (Build 1415.0)


Updated the CMM tool and added a caster rotation input.
This allows the upright to be rotated to the required "zero caster" position, or any other arbitrary position.
Thanks to Paul for this one.


Some of the CAD tools allow for greater precision than the SusProg3D default, 2 decimal places (using metric dimensions) or 3 decimal places (using inch dimensions).
Added an option to add an extra decimal place.
Thanks to Paul for this one.


Although SusProg3D has always allowed for naming the axes, they were always in the sequence of Lateral, Vertical, Longitudinal.
The axis setting input has been updated to allow the axis sequence to be changed.
So now the SusProg3D co-ordinate data can be presented in the same sequence as the CAD tool.
Thanks to Paul for this one.


In input dialogs that use tabs, the active tab wasn't always clearly identified. This has been updated and the active tab is clearly highlighted.


Fixed the corrupted help file topics when using styles.
Unfortunately this was a compiler problem and has taken some time to get fixed.

Your feedback and suggestions are always appreciated.