V5.112 notes

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SusProg3D - Suspension by Design.
Version 5.112 has a number of enhancements.

Thanks to all of those who made comments and suggestions.

In no particular order.

V5.112A (Build 1418.0)


Added additional validation when using shock lengths to limit wheel travel.
It was possible to enter a shock length that allowed a wheel travel that exceeded the linkage connection limits.


Extended the Jacobs ladder to allow for multiple birdcage holes and unequal length sides.
Thanks to Stuart for this one.


If the torsion bar calculation failed then nothing was drawn.
In this instance, show the position of the torsion bar with a dash line.

V5.112B (Build 1420.1)


Previously the struts used a bespoke bump steer calculation, causing some combinations of strut linkages to not calculate the bump steer correctly.
The strut bump steer calculations now use the same code as the A-arm and upright linkages.
Thanks to Risto for this one.

Your feedback and suggestions are always appreciated.