V5.120 notes

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SusProg3D - Suspension by Design.
Version 5.120 has a number of enhancements.

Thanks to all of those who made comments and suggestions.

In no particular order.

V5.120B (Build 1482.1)


Corrected a bug in eCalc and vCalc.


Corrected the terminology in Dynamic Results from 'Roll couple distribution' to 'Roll stiffness distribution'.
Thanks to Jason for both of these.

V5.120A (Build 1481.0)


Updated About to identify Windows 11.


Calculations are always carried out in sequence. Even when initiated from the menu bar, each of the dependent calculations will be calculated in sequence. If any calculation fails, the appropriate error message will be shown. That error will need to be corrected.
For example, if Rates is to be calculated, and an error message indicates a problem with the Roll & Bump calculation, then Roll & Bump will need to be corrected and calculate error free before the calculation sequence can continue.
Occasionally a calculation may not complete and appear to hang. Previously the only way to terminate the calculation was to use the Windows Task Manager.
All calculations are now performed in a dedicated CPU thread with a timeout. If a calculation has not completed within this period, then it will be terminated and an error message shown. This is a fatal condition and SusProg3D will be terminated. To avoid losing any data changes either do a Save before doing the calculation, or tick the Save data file when calculating setting option.


Extended the caster calculation limit from 0.5R to 0.8R (28.6 degrees to 45.8 degrees).
This particularly helps with semi-trailing arm rear suspensions with large amounts of bump and droop.

Your feedback and suggestions are always appreciated.