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The latest release is V5.142A (Build 1640.0).

bulletFull distribution.
bulletUpgrades for versions prior to V5.142

Both SusProg3D and Sawdust are now exclusively 64-bit Windows applications. The 32-bit versions are no longer supported.
Supported versions of Microsoft Windows.

You will also need to have OpenGL 1.2 or greater.
Supported versions of OpenGL.

To use the Excel interface you will need to have Microsoft Excel installed.
Supported versions of Excel.

Does SusProg3D run on a Mac?

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Full distribution.

Download SusProg3DSetup.exe (single file, approx 18MB) and save it to a temporary directory, for example C:\temp.

Download SusProg3D installation instructions (pdf file).

HINT: If you are having problems with the download link try right clicking on the link and selecting "Save Target As...".

The 32-bit version of SusProg3D is no longer supported.
If you are unable to upgrade to Windows 64-bit, the last 32-bit version of SusProg3D, V5.124A (Build 1520.0), dated 30 July 2022, can be downloaded here, SusProg3DSetup1520.0.exe
It is provided strictly on an "as is" basis. There are no support, bug fixes or enhancements for this version.

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Help files

Both the full distribution and the patch files include the latest help file.
The latest version of the help file is V5.142A
To check the version of your help file, open the help file (select Help then Contents).
The help version number will show on the foot of each page.
If there is no version number shown, then it is an obsolete version.

The help file is also available as a PDF file SusProg3D.pdf (approx 15MB)

Licence Server

What is the SusProg3D Licence Server and do I need it? Details here.

If you need the Licence Server then download SawdustSetup.exe (single file, approx 3MB) and save it to a temporary directory, for example C:\temp and download Sawdust installation instructions (pdf file).

The licence server (Sawdust.exe) is now exclusively a 64-bit Windows application. The 32-bit version is no longer supported.

The latest version of the licence server is V5.140A (Build 1625.0).

The minimum supported version is  V5.122B (Build 1492.1).

If your version is earlier than V5.122B (Build 1492.1) then updating to this latest version is required.

To determine the licence server version, either

  1. Locate the file "Sawdust.exe"
    The default location for the 64-bit version is "C:\Program Files\SusProg3D\bin"
    Right click on "Sawdust.exe" and click on Properties then Version, or
  2. Use the SusProg3D client Register dialog and connect to the licence server.

Download SawdustSetup.exe (single file, approx 4MB) and save it to a temporary directory, for example C:\temp.

The installation will automatically detect an existing Sawdust installation and will stop and restart the service as required.
Instructions are available here Sawdust installation instructions (pdf file).

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Upgrades for versions prior to V5.142.

Patches are not available to upgrade versions prior to V5.142.

You can still upgrade from older versions to the latest.

If you are upgrading from a version earlier than V5.100 you will need to uninstall the older version first, then download and install the full distribution.

If you are upgrading from version V5.100 or later then download and install the full distribution. You do not need to uninstall the older version first.

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