What is the Licence Server

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What is the Licence Server?

Generally, SusProg3D is licensed and registered to a single dedicated PC. For most users with one or two PCs, this is the preferred arrangement.

For others, particularly with a number of networked PCs, it may be more convenient to be able to run SusProg3D on any PC rather than a dedicated PC.

In a networked configuration a single PC acts as the Licence Server. All networked PCs (including the Licence Server PC) can be SusProg3D client PCs.

The Licence Server keeps track of how many client PCs are authorised to run SusProg3D, and allocates the individual licences on a first-come first-served basis. If all the licences are in use, the next request will be declined.

Because each client PC does not need to be individually licensed this can simplify the administration.

The Licence Server runs as a service on a dedicated PC.

So, is the Licence Server appropriate for me?

A single dedicated PC running SusProg3D.


A network of several PCs, not all PCs will be licensed, but the flexibility of using any PC is required. Yes As an example, a network of 5 PCs, with a 3 user licence.
This means that any PC of the 5 can run SusProg3D, but only a maximum of 3 at any one time.
A network of several PCs, multiple licences required, and individual PCs are continually rebuilt or exchanged. Yes As an example, a network of 10 PCs in a teaching lab.
Instead of having to administer 10 individual licences, this reduces down to the administration of a single PC.
A small number of PCs, each requiring SusProg3D, and may be disconnected from the network. No Currently the Licence Server does not support disconnected PCs. So if you are using laptops that will be used "stand alone", the Licence Server is not appropriate.
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