Release notes

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SusProg3D - Suspension by Design.

Windows Vista/Win7/Win8/Win10 

Version 4.600E (Build 1131.4)

Updates and fixes in this release.
V4.600E (Build 1131.4)
Fixed a bug that prevented setting the chassis camber link mount for Ford Mustang.

V4.600D (Build 1131.3)
Opening a data file with live axle sometimes fails if the toe setting is non-zero.

V4.600C (Build 1131.2)
Opening a data file sometimes fails if the TotalMass is zero.

V4.600B (Build 1131.1)
Opening a data file fails if the roll calculation start is using a "bump" point.

V4.600A (Build 1131.0)
If the wheel toe setting option is changed, any open dialogs will now be updated with the new setting.
If the angle setting option is changed, any open dialogs will now be updated with the new setting.
Added the front wheel steering to the display.
Removed the hard limits on the number of bump & droop calculations.
Removed the hard limit on the number of roll calculations, and now roll in both directions.
Changed the Ackermann calculations to use toe-out-in-turn instead of using the steering arm intersection.
Added Ackermann percentage to the Excel exports.
Added steering offset to both steering calculations and Excel exports.
Added an option to limit the Excel ranges.
Added the pushrod/pullrod to bellcrank angle, shock to bellcrank angle to the suspension calculations, and added them to the Excel exports.

V4.540B (Build 1103.1)
Added an additional steering option for the Ford Twin I-Beam front suspension.

V4.540A (Build 1096.0)
Added the option to enter and display degrees as degree minute. For example 4 30' instead of 4.50 degrees.
Corrected an inconsistency in the roll centre calculation which sometimes resulted in the static roll centre
not aligning with the roll and bump roll centres.
Fixed a bug where calculating the static geometry with a turn angle kept increasing the turn angle.
Added the Ford Twin I-Beam front suspension and steering.
Changed the reference datum for Pitman arms to always be the outside arm surface.

V4.530D (Build 1068.3)
Fixed a bug where some of the buttons didn't function correctly. This mainly effected the CMM tool and AutoCalc.

V4.530C (Build 1063.2)
Added the antirollbar twist angle to the Calc2Excel export.

V4.530B (Build 1061.1)
Removed the unused 'Apply' button from the AxisSetting and the MotionRatioSetting dialogs.
Corrected the input for the trunnion type upright.
Added the trunnion A-arm coordinates to the Geometry -> Results datum reference dimensions.

V4.530A (Build 1059.0)
SusProg3D now supports the TriumphGT6 rear suspension with transverse leaf spring.
Added scrolling interior to input dialogs when using custom text sizes.
Compiler updates (Delphi 10.1 Berlin Update 1)


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