Release notes

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SusProg3D - Suspension by Design.

Windows Vista/Win7/Win8/Win10 

Version 4.530D (Build 1068.3)

Updates and fixes in this release.
V4.530D (Build 1068.3)
Fixed a bug where some of the buttons didn't function correctly. This mainly effected the CMM tool and AutoCalc.

V4.530C (Build 1063.2)
Added the antirollbar twist angle to the Calc2Excel export.

V4.530B (Build 1061.1)
Removed the unused 'Apply' button from the AxisSetting and the MotionRatioSetting dialogs.
Corrected the input for the trunnion type upright.
Added the trunnion A-arm coordinates to the Geometry -> Results datum reference dimensions.

V4.530A (Build 1059.0)
SusProg3D now supports the TriumphGT6 rear suspension with transverse leaf spring.
Added scrolling interior to input dialogs when using custom text sizes.
Compiler updates (Delphi 10.1 Berlin Update 1)

V4.526F (Build 1044.5)
Added the XLSX suffix for the Excel open dialog.
Fixed up the display when using custom text sizes.

V4.526E (Build 1037.4)
Corrected the A-arm calculations for struts.

V4.526D (Build 1037.3)
Added back the A-arm base and normal lengths.

V4.526C (Build 1034.2)
Updated the Input2Excel dialog with logging option and can now export both ends of the vehicle.
Added a warning message when opening a data file that had previously been saved with a registered version, when using an Evaluation version.
Added a logging option for helping to diagnose registration problems.

V4.526B (Build 1031.1)
Updated some of the A-arm descriptions.
Reviewed and updated the help file with axis descriptions.
Fixed a bug in Sawdust that prevented any further registration if a registration failure occurred.
Fixed the bug in the ride height calculations.
Added an option to the Excel export to use chassis datum coordinates.
Now correctly identify Windows 10.

V4.525D (Build 1022.3)
Added a chassis mounting bush to the antirollbar graphic.
Added better error reporting for pushrod and pullrod linkages when they don't connect.
Added additional dimension options for A-arm suspension mount points.

V4.525C (Build 1017.2)
Fixed a bug when reading data files pre V4.51D (Build 453).
Fixed the geometry calculations when specifying side view swing axle length, height and angle.
Fixed a bug that sometimes prevented changing the shock and antirollbar chassis mounting points.
Fixed the CMM calculations for the tyre size and upright mounting points.
Fixed a bug that sometimes prevented setting the bump and droop increments.

V4.525B (Build 1008.1)
Fixed a bug when reading a file with an embedded '&' in the file name.
Fixed a bug where the roll&bump droop increments weren't calculated correctly.

V4.525A (Build 1003.0)
Added Ford Integral Link independent rear suspension. As used on the 2015 Mustang.
Added an additional option for Steering auto-calculation.
The method used to calculate roll centre and roll axis has been changed for all independent suspension types (except for struts).
This will make the calculations more robust and able to process a wider range of input dimensions.
The upright swivel definitions and calculations have been extended to include a vertical offset. This will now support the typical Nissan Skyline front suspension.
When using the CMM tool, the "Calc" and "Apply" buttons now apply to the current page.
The way of dimensioning the lower control arm for Jaguar, H-arm and Porsche928 rear suspensions has changed.
Fixed a bug when doing dynamic calculations for a three-wheel vehicle (with zero rear roll stiffness)
Changed the sign of the toe-out in turn results to be consistent with toe-in as positive, and toe-out as negative values.