Data files

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These vehicle data files have been provided by SusProg3D users.

The SusProg3D version shown is the minimum version required to load and display the data file.

Vehicle Data file SusProg3D version (minimum)
DeTomaso Pantera. 1972 Standard configuration. PanteraStock V4.11a (Build 294.1)
DeTomaso Pantera. 1972 With Corvette uprights. Pantera Corvette V4.13 (Build 308.0)
Ford Falcon XA - XD

Important notes.

Must use a wedge under the balljoint to correct balljoint angle. ie Pro Motorsports kit for Mustang. If this isn't done the balljoint WILL fail.

To gain more castor shift upper arm back by 5mm. Don't do this for XA, XB, XC Falcons if running wide ie 9" wheels as tires already hit at rear of arch.

This modification also reduces tire contact with guard as you substitute positive camber gain for negative.

With custom made Lovells Sport Low 700 lb/inch must raise bump stop - check for bind very carefully. No need to raise for XA, XB, XC Falcons.

FalconXD standard - lowered

FalconXD upper arm dropped 45mm - lowered

FalconXD upper arm dropped 45mm back 5mm - lowered

V4.21g (Build 341.7)