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The latest release is V4.661A (Build 1260.0).

Updated all calculations to ensure that all pre-requisite calculations are called in the correct sequence.
When doing the Rates calculation, if the spring rate is set to "Frequency" the new spring rate isn't calculated. Fixed.
Fixed a bug in the spring, shock, arb suspension input form that displayed incorrect text.
Fixed a bug in the display control form that sometimes showed an incorrect wheel toe description.

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Extensive changes to the live axle calculations for performance.
Reduced the number of live axle calculation options.
Various bug fixes.

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Added the speedway style front transverse torsion bar suspension.
Deleted the "Scale" parameter. For scale models, premultiply all dimensions by the scale factor.

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Updated the Excel exports "Roll" values to include sign. Positive values are LH roll, negative values are RH roll.
Added an option to the Panhard rod to allow for connecting to the axle or to a birdcage.
Added the speedway style rear suspension, using a Winters torque tube axle, 4 links, birdcages and Jacobs ladder.
Updated to the latest Delphi 10.3.1 Rio compiler.

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