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The latest release is V4.660G (Build 1258.6).

Extensive changes to the live axle calculations for performance.
Reduced the number of live axle calculation options.
Various bug fixes.

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Added the speedway style front transverse torsion bar suspension.
Deleted the "Scale" parameter. For scale models, premultiply all dimensions by the scale factor.

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Updated the Excel exports "Roll" values to include sign. Positive values are LH roll, negative values are RH roll.
Added an option to the Panhard rod to allow for connecting to the axle or to a birdcage.
Added the speedway style rear suspension, using a Winters torque tube axle, 4 links, birdcages and Jacobs ladder.
Updated to the latest Delphi 10.3.1 Rio compiler.

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Double clicking on a data file now always loads the correct file.
The intermediate link steering now allows the intermediate link arm to extend opposite to the Pitman and idler arms.
Minor updates to the recirculating ball type steering Pitman and idler arm descriptions.
Extended the Mumford linkage to include axle mounted bellcrank and lever.
Added an error message if the rear ride height reference point is forward of the front ride height reference point.
Excel 2016 (V16.0) now correctly identified.
In the Roll&Bump config, if the maximum roll isn't an integer multiple of the display, then the last roll may exceed the maximum roll. Fixed.
If showing the IC trace, the RH roll trace is not shown correctly. Fixed.
When exporting the calculated roll&bump values to Excel, without also doing the steering calculations, some of the droop values are not exported. Fixed.

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Added an option to the 4-link live axle to have a birdcage linkage on one side.

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Fixed the download link in the About box.
Refactored the Excel import and export code and corrected a number of bugs.
Added strut data to the Excel import and export.
Updated the Excel help file documentation.
Fixed a memory allocation bug.
Fixed an issue that caused the rates calculation to fail if the steering calculation had not been done, or raised an error.
Fixed a bug that sometimes caused the spring wire diameter to become very small.
Changed the spring symmetry test to exclude the position of the spring platform.
Fixed the torsion bar windup angle calculations.
Fixed a bug that caused the torsion bar class to increment with successive calculations.
Updated to the latest Delphi 10.2.3 Tokyo compiler.
Fixed a bug with the chassis caster link mount for Ford Mustang.

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